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Mahadevestates is India's premier real estate multimedia platform. It is a market leader and is highly regarded by India citizens and real estate professionals. has been operating in India for over 17 years and is focused on providing the highest quality property search and related information services.

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Mahadevestates is a website that helps people who are looking for a house or condo. Choose what suits you. By the team trying to make a lot of reviews And covers all areas in the market The policy of our website is clearly "fast and good quality". We intend to be the data center for consumers to use the best and most without any cost. For "inspiration" that causes the website And develop to this day Caused by the story of one person who consulted with the team like this Somchai collected money for half-life. To bring the dream into reality with "home" the most valuable treasure in life But Somchai is an employee or a general government official. That day is busy with their own work in the best assigned role Therefore having knowledge about buying limited houses and condos And do not know where to study Together with the information in the real estate industry that entrepreneurs are not always exposed to Therefore the result "Not equal" in information Causing Mr Somchai to make a wrong decision Get things that are not suitable for life Location too far Some small rooms Not so convenient like this Or do not know that there are other projects that are more suitable for themselves But got struck by graders and promotions Loose all the money that has been collected, must be disappointed, stay together with the house that was bought and owe the bank for another 20 years, although it should be more appropriate for yourself ... of course ... in this case no Was born to one person Via Do not want this case to happen frequently. Therefore would like to present "information" for readers to think, analyze and decide on the basis of information "More equal" in a more open and fair world With the view of Truly "residents" Our website also needs support for both funding and computer system development. The good information that we offer is not "free". Everything must be exchanged for enormous time, wages, fuel costs, expressway fees, fees. Lights, server fees and risks that will be developed by the developer We would like to ask the readers who visit one of the projects with the information that we have given. Told the project that he was aware of the news from the Mahadevestates website, which would result in the website being not excluded from the Developer (such as prohibiting photography, not banning this all) and able to sell advertising banners Bring the money back into the capital to provide good "information" to the Thai people. By setting the goal that the case of Mr Somchai must be reduced to the minimum We intend that at least one week must be published for 5 - 7 reviews. Every analyst review will have to enter the actual area. There is no burning, written from paper, which is a heavy commitment, but the team will still insist on working hard to get the best information out of the fastest, most accurate. As hundreds of readers Have asked for a review If the reader (as well as the project owner) finds that the information that we write is not correct or that there are different opinions, we open the comment to hundreds of thousands of readers per month. Check to see what we have done and how we read every comment if the information presented is wrong. Or incomplete in any case We are always happy to correct and add more ... because it is impossible for us to know everything.

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